Drive Around New Zealand in a Rental Car

Self-drive in rented car is an excellent way to explore and learn more about New Zealand. Roads are signposted, well-maintained, traffic outside the big cities is generally light and the sceneries are abundant and spectacular.

Driving yourself around gives you the flexibility to change your travel plan along the way and freedom to visit places not usually visited by other tourists.

Car hireauckland companies in the country offer a variety of vehicles. You would not have problem finding a car that suitable for needs and budget. Generally, the daily rental rate is lower, the longer you rent the car. You can rent a car from any of the Wellington airport car rental companies the moment your plane lands, but if this is not possible there are other rentals in the premier cities. Most of the major international car companies such as Avis, Thrifty Rental Car, Europcar, Budget Car and others operate in New Zealand. There several locals too.

You can drive in New Zealand legally up to a year as long as you have a current driver's license issued by your country or an International Driving License. However, you are required to present accurate translation of the text in your license in case it's not in English. Usually, you can rent a vehicle if you are at 21 years of age. Make sure that the Rental Cars rate includes insurance.

The driver seat in cars is on the right and drivers drive on the left side of roads. Before you merge into the traffic make sure to do a few practice runs until you develop confidence. The country's terrain is rather diverse. A few areas are hilly which means some roads can be narrow with sharp corners. Long stretches of roads in rural areas are often single lane. There are also roads paved with gravel which can make driving tiring despite the impressive scenery. Take adequate rest and stay alert.

The weather in New Zealand has the tendency to change quickly. You might start driving with sunshine on face and blue sky above, but reach your destination in torrential rains or hail. Make sure to be prepared for all kinds of weather conditions. The unpredictable weather, however, offers diverse experience which is one of the reasons why driving around New Zealand is an excellent way to spend your vacation. To understand more about car rental, visit